A New Kind of Tutoring Company

Welcome to an innovative new kind of tutoring company right here in our very own King City.  LIVE 2 TEACH provides individual help from grades Pre K – Gr.12 in all subject areas within a welcoming risk free educational environment. With most other tutoring academies, students spend much of their time working on standardized lessons and tests.  We believe there’s a better way. Our powerful Twelve Step Learning Strategies have been carefully developed and tested for over three decades. Our tutors use these strategies on a one-on-one basis to help your child become an effective and confident independent learner.


Our Vision

Our vision is based upon a strong belief that students can be successful at school, given the appropriate support, inspiration and tools. We believe that tutor’s play an intricate role in student success. Their job is to listen and observe how your child works and learns, and then present each student with strategies how to work and learn more effectively. Our aim is to reach underachieving students in the beginning of their academic experience and teach them valuable lifelong learning strategies along with problem solving skills. This will set in motion a cycle of confidence, motivation, and academic success that will develop and grow into their everyday lives! 
Here at LIVE 2 TEACH we take pride in being one of the very first tutoring establishments in King City. We are pleased to offer one-on-one support while encouraging and empowering our students. We thrive on giving our students the knowledge and tools they need to be successful independent thinkers. Our goal is to successfully instill confidence and self esteem, the essence of building a solid future for tomorrow’s achiever.
Our team at LIVE 2 TEACH firmly believes that this will serve as an asset to our students while promoting and fostering lifelong learning.



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